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Setting Up A Gold IRA

A Gold IRA is a perfect way to store your retirement savings while helping you control your spending and realize the value of Gold. A Gold IRA is not a type of investment vehicle; it allows you to convert part or all of an existing individual retirement account (IRA) into a new IRA that exclusively invests in precious metals like Gold. A Gold IRA can be set up with one or more custodians or trustees, depending on who handles your current accounts. There are many different gold IRA companies that you can choose from.

Steps to Start Investing in a Gold IRA


  1. Choose a Company to Work With

The first step to investing in a Gold IRA is choosing a gold IRA company. The company you choose needs extensive knowledge of the IRA rules and regulations. You will also need a company that is open and transparent with their customer, offering services such as an on-site physical gold vault. A company that can be a good choice is Oxford Gold Group. See this Oxford Gold Group review to get more information about them.

  1. Choose Your Investment Options

There are several ways in which you can go about setting up your Gold IRA. There are physical Gold and silver options, bullion coins, and bars, and you can also choose to purchase a share in a gold mine or earn interest paid on the value of your metal. Some companies even offer the option to have your metals custom-made into an original work of art or jewelry piece.

  1. Form Your Gold IRA

Once your Gold IRA is set up, you must open an account with a certified gold dealer. The government licenses these dealers to sell precious metals and supply financial institutions with Gold and bars, coins, and bullion-based products for investment purposes. Once you have an account, you must complete the proper document to set up your Gold IRA.

  1. Fund your Account

After your account is set up, you can begin contributing to it. These contributions must be in cash or checks; however, some companies offer the option to pay with funds from an outside source such as a 401(k).

  1. Monitor the Performance of Your Metals

With a Gold IRA, you will have the ability to track your investment performance. A company that handles your account will inform you of your metals’ fair market value and the value at year’s end. Keep in mind that some companies allow you to buy Gold or other precious metals on margin, with the Gold being loaned against shares in a real estate investment or stocks, depending on which company you choose.

Benefits of Gold IRAs


  1. Tax Advantages

Tax incentives for a Gold IRA are similar to any other IRA; the longer you hold Gold, the more tax-advantaged it becomes. The IRS has historically been reluctant to tax profits on Gold because of its status as a precious metal asset. In some cases, investors can claim Gold in an IRA as “collectibles,” allowing them to receive capital and dividend treatment.

  1. Capital Gains Tax Deferral

Investing in Gold through a Gold IRA can potentially reduce your taxable income. Because you are converting a portion of an IRA into Gold, you may be able to claim tax-deferred growth from the day you make your first deposit. This is true regardless of whether you hold the Gold for less than one year or years.

  1. IRA Conversion

As long as your current IRA funds are still available, you can choose to cash out the excess into one or more metals ETFs. Once the Gold is converted, you can no longer withdraw it from the account. At that point, it is being held as a precious metal asset like gold bullion.

  1. Minimal Transaction Costs

Gold IRAs also differ from precious metals investing accounts because they rest in the name of an IRA holder. There are no daily price fluctuations, and you can always rely on the value of Gold to remain stable. You have complete control over your investments and can choose to have them delivered physically or held in a secure vault.

  1. Storing Your Gold

Your custodian may also offer storage options for your Gold through Brinks or Via Mat International. These two companies offer various storage options, including ground storage, air-freighted storage, and offshore storage.

  1. Risk Management

Gold has traditionally been an excellent way for investors to mitigate risk without sacrificing growth potential. The most common method is holding physical Gold in bullion coins or bars, which can be easily purchased at many local and online dealers. Other forms of bullion include jewelry, loose gemstones, and collectibles.


Gold IRAs provide an excellent way for investors to enter the precious metals market without fearing capital gains taxes. You can also take advantage of IRA regulations and withdrawals to physically hold a portion of your valuable metals. This allows you to sell your gold at any time without penalty while still enjoying all of the benefits of IRAs.

6 Activities

You are probably conversant with the alarming statistics of childhood obesity in Nashville. As a parent, it’s your duty to ensure that your kids are not part of the statistics. So, you have to monitor their feeding and exercising.

Simply, you have to be their nutritionist and outdoor personal trainer. Kids are normally skeptical when it comes to working out. However, if the activity is fun, they won’t waste a second contemplating. They’ll join you right away.

Here are 6 fun outdoor training activities to try out with your kids:

  • Hide and Seek

Unless your kids are older, they’ll appreciate this traditional fun activity. You just have to find an outdoor area that’s safe and one with multiple hiding places. As they seek and try to outrun each other, they’ll be keeping fit.

  • Biking

A kid can cover unimaginable distances when they are pushing pedals. Besides being an easy and fun mode of transportation, biking will allow your skids to shed some weight. Choose a quiet street in your neighborhood or join a local biking club for a friendly biking trail or environment.

  • Walking

Whether they stroll around the park or go hiking in the local woods, it’s always fun. Other than helping them kip fit, walking will help you bond more with the kids. It’s an interactive activity that allows you to speak to each other under friendly conditions.

  • Paddling

Your kids will love the idea of exploring the waterways while riding a kayak, a rowboat or a canoe. You can inculcate this activity as your weekend outdoor family adventure. Give them the paddle to help move the vessel. It’s a nice way to exercise.

  • Skating

Sketching allows your kids to lose weight in a quick and fun way. However, you’ll need to invest in safety gears such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. You can jog alongside them for your own workout.

  • Geocaching

Lastly, you can do geocaching (a treasure hunt) with them. You’ll need to use your phones’ GPS to find the hidden treasures. Pick up a suitable prize and leave or donate one of your own. Alternatively, you can try letterboxing, which is quite similar to geocaching but doesn’t require a GPS device. It’s also an exciting outdoor activity for kids.

Since kids are always eager to do something fun, they’ll definitely love the above activities. As their outdoor personal trainer, you have the obligation of helping them make the most out of the routines. Consider involving them in the routines as often as possible so that they can get used to them.

Why You Should

Time has changed a lot since the early days of the internet when there were just a couple of online stores. Most of them used to stuff their websites with keywords and key phrases and always used to appear at the top of the search results. Things have changed a lot since then. You need to optimize your website properly for search engines so that it indexes your website and puts it at the top of the search result whenever someone searches for keywords and key phrases related to the products and services you are promoting.

A myth about SEO
Most people believe that including key phrases and keywords along with their long tail variants and latent search index (LSI) terms is more than sufficient to ensure that their website shows up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). However, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You also need to have inbound links from highly ranked sites that belong to the same niche as that of yours.

Content is king
Google loves websites that are updated with rich and relevant content. Therefore, you have to have a blog on your website and update it as frequently as possible… at least once a week… containing details of the products and services you are promoting through your site.

Google loves fast loading websites
Google giver higher ranking to websites that load quickly. Therefore, remove the heavy and large images from your index page and replace them with small sized ones, linked to a different page that contains the big graphics and details about it. Remember to include an “Alt” tag with the image so that Google can understand what that picture is about. If possible try to use a keyword in the “Alt” tag.

Link your pages perfectly
Your main page should have links, pointing to the other pages of your site, at its top and bottom. Make sure that all of the other pages also contain a link back to the index page. This ensures that the spider crawler of search engines go through all of your website’s pages and indexes the contents therein properly.

Make your pages gadget-friendly
Considering that nearly 70% of people nowadays browse the net through their smartphones, it is important to code your website in such a way that it renders properly irrespective of the size of the display. You can achieve this by opting for responsive page design.

Hire a professional
Considering the number of algorithmic changes that Google is implementing on a regular basis, it is best to leave the task of your website’s SEO to a professional agency.

Do You Need The Help

It has been more than a month since you launched your website but there is hardly any number of footfalls on it, despite the fact that you are promoting some of the best products through it. Are you sure that you have optimized your online shop properly for search engines? You might have chosen the best web design studio, but that does not mean that they possess skills required to search engine optimize your site. Without properly implementing SEO, you can be sure that you will hardly notice traffic on your site. Remember, people are not aware of the products and services you are promoting through it.

When they want to purchase something online, they search for it through Google, check the first two search engine results page (ERP), and select a website from it, click on its link, visit the site, and complete their purchase. The small 150 words text that you see at the bottom of the search results also play a massive role in engaging the attention of the viewer and compels them to visit the website linked with it. If you are running a Nashville based online business, get in touch with a professional SEO Nashville company and hand over the job of optimizing your site to them.

Their professionals will discuss what you plan to promote and your target market (whether you want to promote your offers locally or globally) and make changes in the coding of your website. They will note down what you plan to sell through your online portal and research proper keywords and key phrases for it, generate long tail keywords, as well as LSI (latent search index) keywords. All of these increase the chances of your website appearing at the top of the SERP. The SEO agency will also engage the services of professional writers to write compelling and informative articles related to the services and products you are offering, and upload fresh content on a frequent basis, as this increases the chances of your website getting ranked higher.

The SEO professional will also study the tricks implemented by your competitors and use them on your website to boost the ranking of your online store for the local market. They will also remove heavy graphics from your landing page, as it increases the page load time. Remember, people will not wait for more than a couple of seconds for your page to load. If it does not, they will try shopping through a different online shop. Get your website’s SEO done by a professional, and you will see positive results after a couple of weeks.

The Bratch Welcomes You

Hello, and welcome to my lifestyle blog,! Over the last several weeks, I’ve begun putting together a few ideas that I wanted to share as a way of kicking off my new project. For starters, I have decided to get a few pet peeves out there – let’s see if I’m alone in having these things bug me!

Ok, if I’m wearing long sleeves, I despise having water run under my sleeves and down to my elbows. I know that it’s just water. I get it. But honestly, it DRIVES ME NUTS! There. I said it.

Another thing: And I KNOW I’m not alone with this one. I cannot bear the sound of squealing fingernails on a chalkboard. A close second is the sound of silverware squeeching across a plate. Just the THOUGHT ALONE gives me the willies. What is it about that sound that is so disturbing to me (and so many others)? In my ponderings, I decided to look this on up, and found this article that explains it:

Turns out the shape of our ear canals may be the culprit here. Along with certain primitive survival instincts. Anyway, I didn’t mean to give you an earworm of yucky sounds.

In that same article, it says that some of the BEST sounds to the human ear include babies laughing and nature type sounds like water flowing. Did that help improve the earworm?

I hope so! Enjoy your day!

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