You are probably conversant with the alarming statistics of childhood obesity in Nashville. As a parent, it’s your duty to ensure that your kids are not part of the statistics. So, you have to monitor their feeding and exercising.

Simply, you have to be their nutritionist and outdoor personal trainer. Kids are normally skeptical when it comes to working out. However, if the activity is fun, they won’t waste a second contemplating. They’ll join you right away.

Here are 6 fun outdoor training activities to try out with your kids:

  • Hide and Seek

Unless your kids are older, they’ll appreciate this traditional fun activity. You just have to find an outdoor area that’s safe and one with multiple hiding places. As they seek and try to outrun each other, they’ll be keeping fit.

  • Biking

A kid can cover unimaginable distances when they are pushing pedals. Besides being an easy and fun mode of transportation, biking will allow your skids to shed some weight. Choose a quiet street in your neighborhood or join a local biking club for a friendly biking trail or environment.

  • Walking

Whether they stroll around the park or go hiking in the local woods, it’s always fun. Other than helping them kip fit, walking will help you bond more with the kids. It’s an interactive activity that allows you to speak to each other under friendly conditions.

  • Paddling

Your kids will love the idea of exploring the waterways while riding a kayak, a rowboat or a canoe. You can inculcate this activity as your weekend outdoor family adventure. Give them the paddle to help move the vessel. It’s a nice way to exercise.

  • Skating

Sketching allows your kids to lose weight in a quick and fun way. However, you’ll need to invest in safety gears such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. You can jog alongside them for your own workout.

  • Geocaching

Lastly, you can do geocaching (a treasure hunt) with them. You’ll need to use your phones’ GPS to find the hidden treasures. Pick up a suitable prize and leave or donate one of your own. Alternatively, you can try letterboxing, which is quite similar to geocaching but doesn’t require a GPS device. It’s also an exciting outdoor activity for kids.

Since kids are always eager to do something fun, they’ll definitely love the above activities. As their outdoor personal trainer, you have the obligation of helping them make the most out of the routines. Consider involving them in the routines as often as possible so that they can get used to them.