Hello, and welcome to my lifestyle blog, TheBratch.org! Over the last several weeks, I’ve begun putting together a few ideas that I wanted to share as a way of kicking off my new project. For starters, I have decided to get a few pet peeves out there – let’s see if I’m alone in having these things bug me!

Ok, if I’m wearing long sleeves, I despise having water run under my sleeves and down to my elbows. I know that it’s just water. I get it. But honestly, it DRIVES ME NUTS! There. I said it.

Another thing: And I KNOW I’m not alone with this one. I cannot bear the sound of squealing fingernails on a chalkboard. A close second is the sound of silverware squeeching across a plate. Just the THOUGHT ALONE gives me the willies. What is it about that sound that is so disturbing to me (and so many others)? In my ponderings, I decided to look this on up, and found this article that explains it: https://www.livescience.com/57106-why-fingernails-on-chalkboard-hurts.html

Turns out the shape of our ear canals may be the culprit here. Along with certain primitive survival instincts. Anyway, I didn’t mean to give you an earworm of yucky sounds.

In that same article, it says that some of the BEST sounds to the human ear include babies laughing and nature type sounds like water flowing. Did that help improve the earworm?

I hope so! Enjoy your day!